About Cassandra


After working in the beauty industry for 10+ years as an internationally recognized model, award-winning celebrity makeup artist, and founder of a luxury on-demand beauty company, I was shocked to discover that the products I was using all those years were literally making me sick. Numerous visits to doctors revealed that I had developed allergies to common ingredients in many of the beauty products I’d been using all my life. Determined to improve my health without becoming dependent on medication, I did my own research and discovered how many harmful ingredients are allowed in the products we all use every day. Within a few days of eliminating many of those products and replacing them with cleaner, safer ones, my symptoms cleared and my calling became even clearer.

As a clean beauty advocate it is my mission to share what I’ve learned and educate my clients, fellow artists, and women around the world about the importance of ingredient safety which is why I launched my podcast, Clean Beauty in November ‘18 where I highlight clean and sustainable brands I love. It is my mission to #ban1500 ingredients from personal care products by advocating for new laws to be passed for safer ingredients.

My team and I are committed to using safe beauty products - consciously sourced, sustainably produced, and free of harmful ingredients and common contaminants - that are both safe and high-performing so that we can continue to deliver the high quality service that our luxury clients expect and deserve. Because women shouldn’t have to choose between safety and performance, and we should NEVER have to sacrifice our health in the name of beauty!

As a veteran industry professional, artist and educator, my goal is to teach others how to incorporate this fast-growing trend into their own businesses. In addition to mentoring and coaching, I provide up-and-coming artists with valuable industry connections, collaborations, and client leads to build their portfolios.

This critical pivot has not only been good for my health, it’s been amazing for my career. Since joining the Clean Beauty Movement, I have been sought out as an artist, speaker, and producer of installations at major events and conferences around the world.

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I am also the co-founder and head Beauty Director at Sustainable Project.

My mission at sustainableproject.org is to educate the community on the environmental impacts of the beauty industry by highlighting brands and founders that are making waves in the sustainable space.

I am currently reviewing applications for the Summer 2019 SP event in San Francisco. Be sure to RSVP to the mailing list on the website to be notified of our upcoming VIP mixer.

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