5 Clean Beauty Swaps I Made This Month

Hey beautiful,

If you are like me, sorting through personal beauty products to find fragrance and toxins is scary and confusing. A few months ago, I felt overwhelmed trying to replace my high-performing mainstream products. Much to my surprise, I actually found #CleanBeauty swaps that really work.

After I made the switch to cleaner products, I felt so much better (both physically and ethically).

I want to share my experience with you in hopes of lowering the bar for you to switch too.

Here are a few of my NEW favorite things (for hair, makeup and bath). I believe they will get you started on the path to looking and feeling amazing from the inside out. The last tip will make you tingle!

1. Dyson Hair Dryer

I just got this dryer and love how fast it dries my hair (in half the time). It has magnetic attachments and is a power-saving genius!

2. Hair & body oil from Innersense Beauty

Local, clean products made in California! Innersense recently won the 2018 Earth Day Beauty Award! Use the "Detox" code at checkout for 20% off!

3. User friendly blush that comes in a wide range of colors!

With over 600 5-star reviews, this smooth stick glides on like butter and is totally good for your skin. As a professional makeup artist, I can vouch for this products' longevity and performance!

It's a bonus that the blush comes in a travel friendly tube.


4. This lipstick from Axiology Beauty comes in the prettiest gold casing!

This company is THE luxury vegan lipstick line I've been raving about to all my friends this past month. It's natural, organic and ethical. Can you say win?!

5. Basd Body Care products

A must every morning for my fiancé and I. The invigorating mint coffee body scrub wakes us up every morning and leaves our skin extra soft. #BasdBodyCare products score a 0 out of 10 on the Think Dirty app (which is a good thing!) We are addicted to the body lotion too.


Bonus: Check out my new 10 minuite beauty routine video using only 2 brushes, 2 fingers and 10 clean Beauty Products!

*Note: I was not paid or sponsored by any of these brands. I truly love the products and wanted to share them with you!