Are you pretty on the inside?

Hey beauties,

Today I wanted to talk about true beauty.

Do you believe being pretty on the inside is the most important thing in the world? Do you live in this truth? 


I used to believe that if I prettied my outside, I’d feel prettier on the inside, too.

So I’d work hard to do just that: look pretty with makeup, hair extensions and dye, tanning, and surgery just so I could FEEL prettier — but it was all in my head.

Over the years, however, I discovered that as it turns out working in the opposite direction is actually much more effective.

Starting from the inside makes you feel and appear pretty – which isn’t necessarily true in reverse. In all actuality, focusing too much on the way you look has a way of making you more insecure (and sometimes even obsessed) with the way you look. 


As a model and industry clean beauty makeup artist, I am constantly surrounded by beautiful brides, models, and actresses and it can be easy to feel “unpretty”.

But, to be truely pretty, take the focus off of your appearance and instead, focus on how you feel and treat and help others.


Above all else, Looks fade.

I learned how to be positive, practice deep breathing, meditation, self care, positive manifestations and affirmations. I learned to eat right and nourish and “spoil” my body with healthy juices and superfoods.

I take time to plan and surrounded myself with positive people, practicing non-judgement and work hard to accept and love everyone. 


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xo Cassandra McClure

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