How to demand Clean Beauty, the smart way.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Next time you go to MAC, Ulta or Sephora, ask them for $269 worth of #non-toxic skin care for $180.
Demand that it come with a 25% discount, the next time you need something, plus residual income after that.

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Add in that you want to make your full commission each time someone comes into the store and gives your name at checkout. Tell them you also want to have a positive impact on the health and wellness of others while you earn this income. And also tell them you want to be paid when you share this opportunity with other women.

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Tell them you want them to lobby Congress and advocate on Capitol Hill & Parliament Hill to make products from all companies safer. Tell them you want luxurious trips and perks just for telling other people who get all of that too, and a free business mentor and training to make you successful at sharing! See how far that gets you!!

If you are not getting paid to take care of your skin, wear makeup & change the world, message me.
Sound good? Tag a friend you’d love to link up with and work together. This is the year to shake things up!

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