Why I love being a Beautycounter educator

Hey ladies!

I get asked all the time “How’s Beautycounter going?” and then I won’t shut up for an hour.

Long story short, its going GREAT.

There are  so many perks  to being a clean beauty consultant/educator/manager!

There are so many perks to being a clean beauty consultant/educator/manager!

A few of my favorite things include:

- "Work" that doesn't really feel like work (Having lunch and going to pilates with my girlfriends every day of the week, anytime!)

- Recording in-person interviews for my Clean Beauty Podcast with other badass experts.


- Taking @obigail_the_frenchie for afternoon walks

- Working from my home office (or virtually anywhere else!)

- Being able to take last minute trips to L.A., San Diego or Seattle when airlines suddenly send $40 flight alerts

- Being in complete control of how much money I make each day

- Being able to take last minute clean beauty calls


- Blasting my favorite podcast and occasionally dancing around the house in fuzzy socks at 2pm

- Never missing UPS with a delivery (lol)

- Being able to cook clean meals and make my favorite latte ANYTIME I want one

cassandra mcclure_stanford_cactus-garden0774.jpg

... I can go on and on. 

As I grow my team, I learned to look for other women who value one or more of these simple things. You don't need to have experience with makeup. You don't need a degree. You don't need a bunch of money. 
You don't need to keep an inventory of product. You just LIVE your LIFE!

What are you waiting for? If you love making other women smile. If you want to be apart of a female community. If you want to work with women all over the U.S. who value clean skincare and makeup.. Give me a call. <3

xo Cassandra McClure

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