Why Beautycounter?


Let me just start by saying that sometimes when I eat junk food I start to feel guilty. I know I shouldn’t take another bite of that chocolate caramel bar, just because I am too lazy to get up to make a salad.. that’s kind of how I felt after I knew what was healthy to put on my body. Once I knew, I just couldn’t go back to un-clean products — no matter how hard I tried.

Let’s be real. I became a Beautycounter consultant because after I swatched the product I had to have it, but as a professional makeup artist I was used to my pro artistry discount and wouldn’t dream of paying full price. So naturally, I signed up never thinking it would be a business. I also liked knowing I was trying everything risk free for 60 days so I kept the boxes and packing slip in case I didn’t like anything. I ended up with the makeup and skincare sets at 45% off, which is more than MAC or MakeUpForEver ever offered. It dawned on me after after using the products on a few clients.. they were interested in the products I was using and made a few purchases through my website and everything changed.

At first my skin freaked out when I stopped using my Chanel and YSL, but after a few days of using Beautycounter, my face was noticeably plumper, glowing and I needed way LESS makeup because I had less redness and dullness. 


Nathan made comments like “Your skin is so soft...” and asked “Are you wearing makeup?!”  I’ve never worked with a beauty company like this before. (Maybelline has paid me to post about their mascara, but thats about it.)

However, I have been approached by hundreds of other women over the years that work for MLM companies like Mary Kay, Rodan and Fields and Isagenix. I’ve gotten samples, sat though parties and even signed up when I was pressured one night. It was the worst. I beat myself up over it and said I would never work with “one of those companies” ever again.. None of those other products ever worked with my body, little-lone met my standards, until 2018 when I discovered Beautycounter.

I really can’t say enough about how ethical, long-lasting, safe and wonderful these products are. 🌿
I made the switch to #Beautycounter skincare and makeup and it’s changed the way my skin looks and feels but more importantly, I feel better applying and removing makeup too. Knowing the products are safe is a feeling you can’t replicate.

I urge you to reach out to me and tell me what your skin problems are so we can fix them together, in a safe, clean way.. for good!  No matter what your budget or problem, I want to hear it because we should all make the switch to cleaner beauty for ourselves and our family! I promise we will figure out a way to get safer product into your hands. Don’t let budget or attachment stand in your way. Life really is too short.


Cassandra McClure

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