Is mascara damaging? How to nurse lashes back to health, safely.

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How often should you wear mascara? Is mascara harmful? Is there clean mascara options that are better?

Wearing my favorite natural style lashes linked below

Wearing my favorite natural style lashes linked below

Personally, mascara is one of my top 3 must-have makeup products. This is one of my favorites.

But did you know that over time your #lashes naturally become thin, sparse and brittle because of mascara? 

Your lashes go through even more stress and trauma when you wear waterproof mascara or don’t remove it properly.  Waterproof mascara is more damaging than regular #mascara because it can dry out your lashes. 

Wearing lashes from Lash Binder

Wearing lashes from Lash Binder

Dry, brittle lashes = lashes that fall out

The solution: FALSIES. You heard me right. I have seen miracles happen to my clients eyes in just DAYS without mascara!

Here’s a little known fact on how to save your lashes: 
Wear temporary strip lashes (falsies) 1 day a week INSTEAD of mascara, try my favorite lashes at Lash Binder.
This gives your natural lashes time to breath and regain strength! 

Most lashes are re-usable up to 10 times with proper care. Suck at applying lashes. Then check out the tool I designed to make applying lashes a breeze.

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Now, I know what you are thinking. Glue makes my eyes water too.

Try this hypoallergenic glue that contains zero fragrance and is based with cooling glacier water, so even the most sensitive eyes can bear falsies!

Who’s ready to invest in a false lash starter set and give it a try?!


Don’t let a little pair of lashes scare you off!

Comment below with your lash tips and tricks!

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