The safest sunscreen in the world now comes tinted.

Hey boo,

No, its NOT a joke, Beautycounter has the best and safest sunscreen on the market and now it comes TINTED!

You heard that right. Can you say *airbrushed* legs!? I I gotta be honest and say.. I used to love the Sally Hansen airbrush legs until I found out how bad the ingredients are for my body. . I couldn’t bear to use it again once I was armed with information.


I just couldn’t forget that it contains talc and PEG’s.. so when I heard the tinted countersun came out, I had to get every shade. I’m notorious for cutting my legs with razor blades so I have little imperfections and scars.

I like to cover them everyday because I like wearing dresses, so I’m super excited to share it with you!!


Get yourself some tinted sunscreen and start PROTECTING (and hiding!) for yourself. Listen, So many women ask me how to “fix” and “diminish” fine lines and wrinkles... my answer is surgery because there’s no such thing as reversing damage without procedures. The real answer is to PREVENT them from happening in the first place.


Yea, Sunscreen gets a bad rap and it’s sad because it DOES work and it CAN help.

Do your research and invest in the good stuff. Sorry not sorry, but your right, The $10 drugstore brands aren’t making things (or your health) any better. You might as well save your $10 and invest in #betterbeauty ☀️

What’s your favorite clean beauty sunscreen? Drop a comment below!

xo Cas

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