Leaving a corporate job to pursue my OWN dreams


Hey beauties,

This week I wanted to talk about why leaving a corporate job to pursue my OWN dreams meant I had to tap deep into a part of my heart to figure out my "why" and I wanted to share those with you tonight because it’s Sunday and for most people that means going to bed early. Not for me!

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Ok, back to the what I needed and gained from leaving my job at Nordstrom:

1. Finacial freedom
- Living in Palo Alto isn't cheap and I have expensive taste when it comes to shoes, clothes and handbags and I have a lot of pride around making and spending my own money the way I like. I also think it's important to contribute to my families needs, food and home. I enjoy spoiling @obigial_the_frenchieand I couldn't imagine borrowing money from my fiancé to buy him a birthday present. ⠀

2. Creative freedom
- Only 2 years ago I relied on Nordstrom to pay my bills. I was so stressed trying to "sell" that by the time I got home I was exhausted. I dreamed of working from home and starting a clean beauty business and podcast and I physically and mentally needed a home office to do that. I also felt that I was missing out on life and travel inspires me. I actually enjoy plane rides because it's where a lot of my good ideas come from. Instead of planning a trip to Bali or Thailand, I was only given a few days in a row, off a month if I was lucky. ⠀

3. Time
- Working to make a corporation even richer never sat right with me. It was unfulfilling and I felt like "climbing" that ladder would literarily steal me from enjoying my life and take a lifetime to achieve. I was forced to work late nights 'closing' and early mornings 'opening' and had to work even when no-one was in the store which resulted in my precious time wasted. I decided to quit and focus on my beauty business. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made.⠀


What's YOUR why? Are you living your best life?

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