Launching my first Kickstarter Campaign

Today is a big day. I write this from a Starbucks in Redwood city only 6 hours after the launch, not knowing what the next 12 days will hold for my little start-up but I do know I will be non-stop sharing, posting, updating, and working on getting the word out about my goal to create a lash line and 100% recyclable packaging.

Kickstarter is no joke. I researched it for months and had no idea how it all worked.

Some interesting things I learned are:

  1. If you do not reach your goal, your backers will all be refunded

  2. I can edit the rewards after launch if we decide to add or delete tiers, as long as it hasn’t been selected

  3. There haven’t been many successful beauty campaigns

  4. Only 30% of Kickstarters receive their funding goal

There are a ton of other things that we had to consider, change, and create to make the campaign happen. When I say we, I am referring to Anne-Marie, our Director of Business Developement.

One thing that was a pleasant surprise was all of the support we received from friends, family and colleagues before we launched encouraging us to launch and promising to contribute. I am overwhelmed with joy that in only a few hours we have just under $300 in anonymous donations from backers that ask for nothing in return— something we did not expect to happen!

So thank you for your support, word of mouth, posting, sharing and donations thus far!


Cassandra McClure