Even if our creative business is doing well, it can be easy to neglect positive thinking and only focus on the negatives. That's why I think having a clean business mindset is so very important to not only launch your biz, but to also stay healthy as your business grows and blossoms. One of the best ways to help you focus on positive thinking for your business, is to constantly be setting new goals.
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Exposing the truth about the cosmetic industry and sharing my story on how it changed my life in just 24 hours. To look up your products download the Think Dirty app and scan the barcode of any product or goto for more information.
Beautycounter has given my team and I opportunities to work in other cities and countries. This is a great example, where podcast celebrity Angie Lee flew me to San Diego to be her clean makeup artist for the weekend for her event, Pays to Be Brave.
Busting myths and answering common questions about Beautycounter and why you need a "why" to join my clean beauty team.
This sustainable beauty look is so easy and fun! Follow along in real time using these clean products!


Sharing my experience with BeautyCounter the last 6 months while applying the products I love the most!! Please comment below with any questions! To shop with me, Find me on
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