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Podcast Interview    with Cassandra McClure , elite wedding makeup artist,  Host of The Clean Beauty Podcast and creator of Lash Binder.  June 5 2019

Podcast Interview with Cassandra McClure, elite wedding makeup artist, Host of The Clean Beauty Podcast and creator of Lash Binder. June 5 2019


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We sat down with the brilliant Cassandra McClure - Celebrity Makeup Artist, Educator, Senior Manager at Beautycounter, Creator of and Host of the popular Clean Beauty Podcast to chat about:

- What she looks for in an eyeshadow + how our palettes measure up

- Her top tips for application

- How to choose shades for your skin tone and eye color

- How to tie your eyeshadow into the rest of your look & transition from day to night.”





Today we sit down and talk with Cassandra McClure, a fellow Beauty Podcast Host of the Clean Beauty Podcast.

Cassandra is an internationally recognized, multiple award winning, clean beauty make-up artist. In todays show she shares her story and how she was able to find her passion and niche down in the beauty industry. She is running multiple business in the industry and gives us some insight on how she is doing it all!


Why This Celebrity Makeup Artist Only Uses Clean Beauty Products

Cassandra McClure, a celebrity makeup artist who only uses clean beauty products in her profession, is proof that anyone can switch to clean beauty.

The Good Face Project decided to sit down with Cassandra to learn more about what it’s like as a makeup artist to eliminate unhealthy beauty products.

We’re super inspired by the latest member of the Good Faces Club because of her advocacy for clean beauty, her success as a clean beauty makeup artist, and her entrepreneurial spirit. We know you’ll really like this exclusive with Cassandra McClure.



This article was co-authored by Cassandra McClure. Cassandra McClure is a clean beauty advocate, working to increase use of sustainable and healthy cosmetics.

She has worked in the beauty and cosmetic industries for over 15 years, as a model, makeup artist, and makeup company founder.


In The Press 2019…

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The Rebel Whitecoat Podcast:

Could Your Beauty Products Be Making You Sick? with Cassandra McClure

Meet my beautiful guest Cassandra McClure. She is an internationally recognized, multi award-winning Clean Beauty makeup artist, educator and business mentor, Cassandra's work has been featured in several bridal publications, on celebrities and tv shows.

With over 10 years in the beauty industry as both an elite celebrity and destination wedding stylist Cassandra has an in-depth knowledge of complexions, bone structure, color utilization, product formulations, and ingredients. She is also a widely recognized educator and sought out for her role in the niche Clean Beauty space that is taking the beauty industry by storm.

In this episode we dive into how To Clean Up Your Beauty Regimen, Wear Less Makeup, and Create a Flawless Look in Five Minutes. Cassandra mentions so many amazing clean products. Check them out  on IG and use coupon code CLEANBEAUTY…


Beauty Independant:

From Makeup Artist To Podcaster To Product Creator: Cassandra McClure Launches Lash Binder Tool

Celebrity makeup artist, Beautycounter educator and Clean Beauty Podcast host Cassandra McClure set out to make great-looking false lashes achievable on an at-home budget with the launch of Lash Binder. The $29.99 patent-pending lash application tool is the result of years of frustration on the part of McClure as well as her clients and friends who lamented their inability to put on false lashes sans professional help.

“I had issues with applying lashes for a long time,” says McClure. “I brought the issue up at a workshop. Someone there told me, ‘You should develop this tool.’ Nine months ago, I did and handed it out to my makeup artist friends. I didn’t have to give them instructions. They all just picked it up. It’s a simple, straightforward tool. Once I started getting the feedback, I knew I had something….” 

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Epifania Magazine:

Clean Beauty Is Cassandra McClure

Foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, moisturizer, facial wash, primer, setting spray, and the list goes on. Women, including myself, put piles of none clean beauty products on our face, body, and hair daily. However when we break out, we put on more concealer; when we get red bumps, we put on more foundation; when we get itchy skin, we find a new lotion. However, more and more women and men are starting to realize, that red bumps, breakouts, itchy skin, and redness, are not “normal” things your body goes through. It is caused by the piles of chemicals we put on daily.

At ALT Summit in Palm Springs, I sat down with Cassandra McClure to discuss clean beauty. McClure hosts a podcast, called “Clean Beauty”. Before her podcast, she was a model and now is a celebrity makeup artist specializing in clean beauty. She saw first hand what the beauty industry cares about, and that is money.

By the pool at the Saguaro, McClure talked about her journey into cleaner and more sustainable makeup....


2018 Press…


Celebrity and luxury clean beauty wedding makeup artist, Cassandra McClure featured on This is SF Season 2, CBS TV. interviewed by Robert Parks Valletta


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Cassandra McClure on helping other women succeed, pursing multiple passions, and finding your strengths.

Cassandra McClure is a California clean beauty tycoon serving high end clients and celebs. She also helps other beauty pros succeed in their own rights (pun intended).